Can A Pen Really Make A Difference?

There are few situations I can think of that are more frustrating than running out of ink in your pen. Think about it…Going to casually sign the back of that check? Think again! Want to write down that person’s contact information? Nope! Guess you can’t contact them. “Write this down, it will be on the test.”-Teacher. Your pen stops writing. Ack! It’s painfully annoying! Continue reading

Dress Your Nails For Date Night

perfect polish for date night

These vibrant, sweet polish shades from SinfulColors, will complete any look this Valentines Day. No matter if you’re a punk rock princess, or girlie girl, they have a shade to fit your personality. Here’s a look at the SinfulShine Gel Tech shades. Aren’t they gorgeous? This two-step nail system gives you a beautiful gel manicure, for a fraction of the cost you would pay at the salon. Continue reading

Custom Valentines Cards+ $250 Giveaway

Besides seeing the completely unique mailboxes, my second favorite thing about Valentines Day is giving one-of-a-kind cards. If you have a child, or frequent children’s Valentines parties, you know how hard it can be to find cute and unique valentines cards. An option that I turn toward when I don’t have time to make handmade cards is They have THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST cards ever. Check out some of my favorites below. Continue reading

Add Custom Art to Your Home Without The High Price

Six months after being married, my husband and I moved into our own apartment. It was a very exciting time in our lives, and we couldn’t wait to make our bare apartment into a “home.” What I didn’t know at the time was just how expensive this process could be. Between moving across the US, buying home essentials, stocking the fridge with groceries, and using up the last of our wedding gift cards, we were pretty much broke. Naturally, adding beautiful art to our walls took a backseat to paying the electric and coming up with the next month’s rent. Continue reading

Nume Black Friday Sale

nume black friday sale

Nume’s Black Friday sale came early. These prices are seriously unbelievable! (For $200 products, you are paying less than $20!) I would encourage you to buy now, if there is any chance you’ll need a straightener or curler later. If there is any hair product or tool you are in need of, Nume probably has a sale going on for it now! Continue reading

Metal Printing with AdoramaPix + Discount

metal printing

One thing that really turns a house into a home for me is photos of family and friends. But, sometimes it can be hard to justify the price of printing a large canvas art piece when you know that they will fade over time or can easily get damaged if exposed to water or hand prints. AdoramaPix photographs are weather and water proof. Use the code inside for 35% off Continue reading

Traveling Essentials Tips and Tricks

traveling tips and tricks

With the holidays fast approaching, travel is on the mind of many. In fact, my in-laws just flew in from Cali to visit us in the Mid-West. It was such a fun trip! Something that can make a fun trip turn into a nightmare quickly is being unprepared and rushed while packing. With family all over the US, I’ve traveled out of state four to five times per year over the past five years. That’s a lot of miles! Here’s my list of the top tricks for making travel stress free. Enjoy! Continue reading